Each Sutra piece is made of a single line that has no beginning and no end, and which never crosses itself.

These works are inspired by the Sanskrit word, "sutra," which translates roughly as a thread, a line, a system or a formula that holds things together.

Sutras also have various special meanings in ancient traditions such as Vedanta and Buddhism.  These pieces represent the connectedness of all things that is often represented in those traditions.

Sutra pieces have been created in acrylics on canvas, pencil on paper, and ink on paper.

"Artwork by Reb Han unites us all"
TC Palm

"Meditative and elegant"
Sun Sentinel

reb han, rebhan - passion bubble 1
Passion Bubble 1

reb han, rebhan - sutra drawing - stretching bubbles
Stretching Bubbles

reb han, rebhan - sutra drawing - breathe

reb han, rebhan - sutra drawing - sunflower
Sunflower 1

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