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Rentapal recommended as the perfect gift for Paris Hilton...
Fox News

"Taking things way too far, many will agree, is the world's first claimant of being a "professional friend" in New York.
The Hindu newspaper

"For those who can afford it, renting is the new luxury..."

As "Rentapal," Reb Han sells his friendship by the hour. Begun in 2001 as a way to test (and sublimely comment on) the extremes of commercialization and consumerism in society, Rentapal raises questions about values and definitions of friendship.

Soon after its establishment, Rentapal.com began receiving questions from people around the world, seeking advice on relationships, careers, and other topics.  Rentapal continues to receive many requests for advice, and has turned into a sort of "Dear Abby" for the 21st century.


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