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Reb Han creations include sounds, visions & interactive experiences.

Noted by the New York Times as one of the "unorthodox geniuses toiling away in their labs and libraries, bent on changing the world," Reb was the first artist in history to smuggle a painting into a museum. Reb's painting, entitled Necking, was secretly installed in New York's Museum of Modern Art, where it was admired by museum visitors for three days before being discovered by museum officials.

Reb Han's music, sound paintings and sound sculptures have been played around the world on radio, television and in live performances. 

He co-founded/invented QUIET PARTIES, which started the international phenomenon of "Silent Dating," where people socialize without speaking.

Reb also invented the concept of selling friendship over the internet, with Rentapal, an interactive art project website that operated during the 2000s.

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